Massage, Face & Body Treatments

Massage is both physically and emotionally fantastic.

There are different massage styles out there, each one aiming to achieve the same outcome. That being a more balanced mind, body and soul. It is very much just personal preference to which you like best.

Here at Sarah’s Nails & Beauty Bristol we have two choices. The more popular, all hands on approach Swedish massage with continued skin to skin contact, or hot and cold stone therapy believed to provide a greater physiological effect due to the alternating temperature differences from the body.

Whichever style you choice, each technique is specifically designed to improve circulation, promote detoxification, soothe your muscles and ultimately send you into a more relaxed sense of well-being.

Hot & Cold Stone full body massage 90 minutes


Swedish Massage 30 Minute

I can focus on your back, neck and shoulders, legs or face and scalp.  


Swedish Full Body Massage 75 minutes

A real treat for your whole body. Drift off into to your own world of paradise whilst the aches and pains slowly melt away.


Full Body Scrub 45 minutes

An invigorating full body exfoliation using Lycon Sugar Scrub. They smell absolutely amazing!

Designed to rid the skin of dead skin cells, this spa quality scrub will leave you feeling radiant and super soft. A perfect treatment just on its own. A massage will be incorporated into the treatment but if you would like to add on extra time for that well-earned luxury treat you could do.


15 minutes more massage

Not quite long enough? add on more time.


Tickle those senses facial 45 minutes

For all skin types using handmade products packed full of oodles of natural goodness.

Skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and a mask applied followed by décolleté, face and scalp massage.


Back Rescue Stress Relieving Facial 45 minutes 

Basically a deep cleansing facial for the back to help combat back acne, release clogged pores and hydrate the skin. Massage included.


Aftercare Advice

  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Increase the amount of water you drink over the next few days
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours
  • Try to cut down on smoking
  • Make time to relax

Occasionally, you may experience reactions when the body begins its self-healing process and elimination of toxins. These reactions may include:

  • Frequent visits to the toilet
  • Runny nose and/or cough
  • Slight rash as the skin rebalances
  • Perspiration – another way that the body can excrete waste
  • Conditions which have been suppressed may flare up temporarily before they heal
  • Deep sleep or difficulty sleeping and vivid dreams

These reactions are only temporary and should clear within 24-48 hours. They are positive signals that your body has responded to the treatment and is balancing itself.